Boosting Our Rural Economy

Boosting our rural economy, be it through broadband, championing farmers or better transport links, is essential to create a vibrant rural economy.

I have been pushing Edinburgh and London to make good on their promises for superfast broadband, especially in rural areas. This has resulted in £1 Million of funding for Rural Broadband in Ochil and South Perthshire.

Championing farmers, especially young farmers is key to ensuring that our rural communities not only survive, but thrive for generations to come. This is why I was so pleased to secure £211 Million of extra funding for Scottish farmers, in line with the Bew Review.

On agriculture, the SNP administration has refused to join the rest of the UK on the Agriculture Bill. The legislation allows for Wales and Northern Ireland, as devolved administrations, to develop their own support systems to replace the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, under UK-wide frameworks.

SNP MPs have refused to confirm what Scottish agricultural policy will look like after we leave the European Union, and when Scottish farmers can expect to know what it will look like. Playing party politics and failing to act has left our farmers in the dark. We're fighting for our farmers and the Scottish Conservatives have been calling on the SNP to publish their plans for agricultural policy post-Brexit for months but, so far, the SNP have failed to give any detail or any time scale of when to expect an agricultural bill for Scotland. At present, provision for farmers is secured until December 2020.