Clackmannanshire Investment Forum

Fresh from the signing of the £90m Stirling & Clackmannanshire City Deal, I am delighted to launch the Clackmannanshire Investment Forum – a group designed to help identify opportunities for the £8m Westminster funding assigned to Clackmannanshire as a result of the City Deal. The £8m fund, which is still to be allocated, has a 12 month timeline to identify projects and business cases to fund.

I have invited representatives from Clackmannanshire Council, including office holders and party group leaders, as well as local civic groups, businesses and will be attended by UK government civil servants from the Scotland Office to be part of a group who will be involved in the investment allocation throughout the County.

The group, which will meet quarterly, will aim to ensure that the UK Government and local council are working closely together to maximise the investment opportunity. I am proud that I was able to successfully negotiate this additional investment directly with the Scotland Office and the Treasury to help Clackmannanshire thrive and grow.

I will also be holding surgeries and attending local community groups and community councils over the Summer to consult as widely as possible.