Manifesto for Ochil & South Perthshire

· Investment: Increase investment in Ochil & South Perthshire. This includes private and public investment into our towns and villages. In addition, I will be lobbying for infrastructure investment from the recently announced £23bn productivity fund.

· Connectivity: Push Edinburgh and London to make good on their promises for superfast broadband, especially in rural areas. Also enhance transport links, primarily rail connections.

· Crime: Work with Police Scotland and MSPs to improve community policing and encourage more rehabilitation schemes for low-level offenders.

· Education: Champion life-long learning and work with MSPs to try and restore Scotland’s place as No1 in the UK for education (slipped to 3rd).

· Health and social rights: Fighting for equivalence between mental and social health as well as protecting recent advances in social rights, to ensure everyone is equal in law.

· DWP: Push for a review of the PIP process.

· Brexit: I campaigned to keep the UK in the EU. I have to accept the result (I can’t demand the SNP respect the 2014 referendum result without me accepting the 2016 result!), but will be working with colleagues across the House to ensure we get “win-win” from the negotiations.

· Local Action: I have already met with the leader of P&K Council and the Chief Executive of Clackmannanshire council, I will be working closely with them and the relevant councillors over the budgeting process and beyond to try and ensure our constituency is properly resourced. I will be leveraging Westminster resources wherever possible.