Ardvreck School Students Quiz Local MP Luke Graham

Ochil and South Perthshire MP Luke Graham visited Ardvreck School in Crieff last week. After a tour from three of the students, Luke was put through his paces with some tough questions.


Questions ranged on everything from his experience of meeting the Prime Minister for the first time, to how many pets he has. Questions often arise as a result of the current lessons and curriculum and Ardvreck were certainly up to the task, with questions relating to the MP’s opinion on the more extreme political parties in the lead up to the second World War!


Commenting after, Mr Graham said:


“Ardvreck has certainly challenged me today. For a young age group, they did not hold back. Almost every pupil had a question they wanted to ask, and I am glad I was able to give each of them a chance.


I also say at the beginning that they can ask me anything, and as much a this may be a scary thought, it is always an amazing experience.


I really enjoy this part of the job and these visits; it can help put the drama of Westminster in perspective.”