Speeches in Parliament

Luke Graham MP Slams SNP for Economic Mismanagement

Luke Graham MP, the Member of Parliament for Ochil and South Perthshire, has slammed the SNP’s economic performance while in power at Holyrood over the last twelve years, following figures released which shows that the UK Government is covering a £737m shortfall in Scotland’s income tax receipts.

Luke Graham MP pays tribute to local Armed Forces

Luke Graham, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, paid tribute to the local branches of the Armed Forces in his constituency during a debate on Armed Forces Day in the House of Commons.

Luke Graham MP Calls for National Memorial for RAF Unit

Local MP, Luke Graham, called for a debate on establishing a national memorial to commemorate the Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (PRU) of the RAF, and in memory of Sandy Gunn, a PRU pilot from Auchterarder.

Luke Graham MP Pushes on Mineworkers Pensions Scheme

Luke Graham MP stood up for Clackmannanshire’s retired miners in the House of Commons on Monday during the Mineworkers Pensions Scheme debate. Mr Graham used his contribution to highlight the dangers miners faced and the ongoing legacy and long-term health impacts experienced by miners.