Clacks MP slams SNP for rising crime rates in County

Crime is up 6% in the Wee County according to the latest Police Scotland figures released last month. But Clackmannanshire is not alone, crime is on the rise right across Scotland and front-line police officers numbers have fallen by 340 since Police Scotland was formed in 2013.


Luke Graham MP, who has been on patrol with Clackmannanshire police, has been a strong advocate of providing more resources to frontline police staff since his election in 2017. Mr Graham also co-ordinated the 2017 Budget asks from the Scottish Conservatives to the Treasury that saw the law changed to allow Police Scotland and Fire to reclaim their VAT, releasing approximately £35m for frontline policing and fire services.


The 6% rise in Clacks includes a 20% increase in sexual crimes, and a rise of a third for violent crime. Crimes of dishonesty like theft and fraud are up over 2%.


Rising crime figures combine with Scotland’s fallen educational performance in international rankings and Scotland’s lacklustre economic performance, trailing a full percentage point behind the rest of the UK.


Clacks MP, Luke Graham, said:


Having been out with our local police teams, I know how hard they work for the county. However, time and time again the issue of funding and manpower are raised as concerns.


Today the figures speak for themselves, crime is increasing in Clackmannanshire. Policing is devolved so I call upon the SNP to use the powers they have had for years and deliver for our constituency.


As an MP, I was asked to get the VAT back for Police Scotland, which my colleagues and I did within 6 months, delivering around £35m to the frontline. It is now time for the SNP to deliver.”