Local MP Voices Support to Address Private Parking

Luke Graham MP for Ochil and South Perthshire has shown his support for a Private Member’s Bill which aims to address the level of parking fines affecting his constituents who use private parking facilities in Perth and Stirling.


With parking firms issuing almost 13 times more tickets than they were a decade ago, it is time for a real overhaul of the private parking industry.  If enacted, the Bill will enable the creation of a single code of practice for the management of private car parks, while also putting in place an appeals process.


The appeals process will cover operators in Perth and Stirling, such as Smart Parking in Perth and Excel in Stirling, who have been subject of numerous stories, complaints and campaigns. This new law will go some way to rebalance the tables towards the consumer.


This will go a long way towards tackling rogue private parking operators by creating clarity and consistency across the sector for both parking operators and motorists, as well as driving up standards.


Addressing the House of Commons, Luke Graham MP said:


“It’s great to see a nation problem having a national solution in this bill with members from across the United Kingdom.”


He added:


“The report from the Citizen’s Advice in 2014 entitled ‘It’s not fine’ highlighted the disparity in parking fines across the UK.  Many of my constituents have complained about parking services across our region, now Parliament is taking action to fix it.”