Local MP’s clash over Brexit legislation

South Perthshire clashed with North Perthshire as Luke Graham, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, criticised Pete Wishart, his SNP neighbour, in the House of Commons.

During an Urgent Question on Scottish Brexit legislation, Luke Graham called out the SNP over their anti-democratic grandstanding over Brexit.

The Remain supporter reminded the SNP MPs that more people voted Leave in the EU referendum than had voted for the SNP at the last general Election in 2017.

The South Perthshire MP also reminded the House of Commons that the SNP had ignored the ruling of the Scottish Parliament's own Presiding Officer in pushing through its wrecking Continuity Bill

Luke Graham said:

‘When we talk about respecting democracy, the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament ruled [the Scottish Continuity Bill] out of order.

So the SNP are not showing respect for the devolved parliament, but actually contempt. The Government has addressed many of the issues raised with the Brexit Bill and has had an extensive consultation with the devolved administration. Unfortunately, rather than finding agreement, yet again the SNP seek out more division 

Our job is to get the best deal for our constituents, not replay 2014.’