Luke Graham MP calls for HS2 to be extended to Scotland

During a debate on HS2, Luke Graham, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, called for the HS2 rail line to be extended to the “true Northern Powerhouse”, Scotland. The debate, which called for a review of the business case of HS2, looked at the challenges currently being experienced by the project.

While discussing the opportunities that are presented by HS2, Mr Graham highlighted the role railways can played in tackling the country’s carbon emissions, and the contribution it can make to meeting the ‘Net Zero’ Carbon emission target set for 2050. 

While highlighting that the UK can only meet this target by taking a joined-up approach across the UK, so too does the railway system need to be fully integrated together, so that HS2 does not just link London with the North of England, but with Scotland and the rest of the UK as well.

Commenting Luke Graham MP said:

“Pollution does not respect political boundaries and if we are to properly tackle that as a country then we need to ensure that we approach this issue as an entire United Kingdom.

Given the role the railway system can play in helping to lower our emissions, it is equally as important that we ensure a major project such as HS2 is also linking up the entire United Kingdom as well, so that Scotland’s infrastructure is properly connected to our neighbours in Cardiff and Leeds as well as London.

This would be positive step that would support economic growth across Scotland, including in Ochil & South Perthshire.”