Luke Graham MP holds RBS to Comrie ATM Promise

This weekend local residents and business owners were left frustrated and disappointed as the Comrie RBS ATM was offline. This lack of service follows the recent closure of the bank branch in Comrie that was bitterly oppose by Mr Graham, Liz Smith MSP and local residents.


During the campaign to keep the RBS branch open, RBS representatives came to Comrie to meet with community council and local business representatives and promised to maintain an ATM in the village


Commenting, Mr Graham said:


“RBS made a clear promise to the people of Comrie - they cannot go back on that promise just weeks after the branch has closed.


“I have already been in contact with RBS over the weekend and flagged the issue. RBS must live up to their commitments."


Commenting, Liz Smith MSP said:


"RBS made a cast iron Promise to the people of Comrie that the ATM would be both available around the clock and well maintained.


Sadly, over the festive break this has not been the case and it is little wonder That local shopkeepers, local businesses and members of the public are so angry. RBS has a duty to take urgent action."