Luke Graham MP Hosts Debate on Devolved Borrowing & Funding Powers

Luke Graham, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, held a Westminster Hall debate on the “Borrowing Powers for Devolved Administrations”. The debate was raised in order to highlight and address a wider misunderstanding over devolved funding.

The debate was brought to Parliament in order to discuss, debate and clarify on how devolved administrations, including Holyrood, fund their services and where Holyrood sources that funding. Mr Graham, who was an accountant before entering Parliament in the 2017 General Election, has long argued that great clarity and understanding is needed on this issue.

Mr Graham requested the debate following local and national debates about Scotland’s borrowing powers and his desire to have an honest and clear discussion about Scotland’s borrowing powers which stand at £3bn for capital and £1.75bn for resource.

While a number of Scottish Conservative and Labour MPs turned up for the debate, no SNP MPs turned up to a debate that directly related to Scotland.

Commenting Luke Graham MP said:

“Understanding how Holyrood funds our local services, and where that funding comes from, can help people to understand the choices that the SNP administration in Edinburgh are making on their behalf.

More importantly, it is clear just how much that SNP administration are short-changing the people of Scotland, with the extensive devolved tax and borrowing powers they still choose to underspend leading to cuts in our local frontline services. This was reinforced by the fact that not one single SNP MP bothered to show to defend their party’s mismanagement of those powers.

Finally, the debate highlighted just how much Scotland benefits from remaining a part of this United Kingdom.”