Luke Graham MP keeps pressure up over Greenfield House

Clacks MP, Luke Graham, has kept up the pressure on the developer of Greenfield House in Alloa, following on from promises made by the developer. Following the meetings last year, Luke Graham MP had written to the developer, Kapital Assets, to highlight the concerns expressed by the community over the safety, as well as concern over the lack of progress at the site.


In its response to Mr Graham’s office in January this year, Kapital Assets confirmed that they were aware of the deadlines committed to at the meeting in Alloa Academy last year, and confirmed that negotiations with contractors were taking place in January 2019, as well as committing to demolishing the 80’s wing early in 2019, to follow through with the proposed new build and to have occupants in the first units by the second half of 2020.


However, since January there has been no further follow up from Kapital Assets, causing Luke Graham MP to write again to the developer asking for a response and further information on the outcome of the negotiations with the contractors.

Mr Graham also called on the developer to confirm when work will commence on Greenfield House and for a copy of the work schedule to be published. As previously agreed.


Commenting Luke Graham MP said:


“There was a great deal of anger and concern among the community over the lack of progress at Greenfield House. I had communicated this to Kapital Assets, the developers, and had hoped we had made progress when I received the previous response.


However, the lack of movement on the commitments made to the Clacks Council and I speaks volumes. I have therefore written to the developer again to keep up the pressure to make good on the commitments made.


Greenfield House as enormous potential and is a key part of Alloa that needs redevelopment. The local community should be respected and the investment delivered as promised.”