Luke Graham MP Pushes on Mineworkers Pensions Scheme

Luke Graham MP stood up for Clackmannanshire’s retired miners in the House of Commons on Monday during the Mineworkers Pensions Scheme debate. Mr Graham used his contribution to highlight the dangers miners faced and the ongoing legacy and long-term health impacts experienced by miners.

Speaking in the debate, Luke Graham MP said:

“In Clackmannanshire, we still see not only the dangers that they faced back at the time, but the legacy and the long-term health impacts.

It is time to review the fund and its distribution and we should set regular reviews with actuarial advice to ensure that the distribution is fair and equitable in both good times and bad.”

The Mineworkers Pension Scheme issue between the workers and the Government has arisen over the division of the scheme’s investment surpluses. Currently any surpluses and divided equally between the Government and the scheme, with the Government acting as the guarantor for the scheme. However, on the back of extraordinary returns of over 40% over the past 3 years, many are calling for this 50:50 split to be reviewed.

The current standard miners’ pensions is around £84 a week, in addition to state pension allowances.

Commenting to the paper, Luke Graham MP said:

“This has been an important issue for my constituents, with a number of them approaching me and asking me to raise this issue in the House of Commons.

That is why I have spoken up for the Clackmannanshire former miners and supported an annual review of the scheme and its bonuses. I will continue to push hard on behalf of the miners in Ochil and South Perthshire for a fair representation on this issue.”