Luke Graham MP Recognises Kinross Sainsbury’s for Equality ‘Gold Star’

Luke Graham, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, used the first Business Questions under the new Prime Minister to congratulate the team at the Kinross Sainsbury’s on achieving the Perth and Kinross council’s Gold Star Award for Equality at Work.

The Perth and Kinross Gold Star Award for supporting Equality at Work is a civic award presented by Perth and Kinross Council on the basis of outstanding commitment in supporting disabled colleagues in the workplace.

Mr Graham is a long-standing supporter of the UK Government’s ‘Disability Confident’ and ‘Access to Work’ schemes, having led a debate in Parliament on the Disability Confident scheme, in which highlighted Disability Confident employers in his constituency, and hosted a Disability Confident summit last Autumn.

Since its introduction Disability Confident has helped some 600,000 people with disabilities in to work, while the Access to work scheme gives people with disabilities access to over £50,000 in support funds to help make their workplace more accessible.

Mr Graham also asked the new leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, for a debate to discuss the UK Government’s ‘Disability Confident’ and ‘Access to Work’ programs and how they are helping people with disabilities have greater access to finding and accessing work.

Commenting Luke Graham MP said:

“The team at the Kinross Sainsbury’s have done an excellent job of ensuring more people with disabilities have the right support in the workplace, and they deserve the recognition they are receiving from Perth and Kinross council, and I was happy to recognise their achievement in the House of Commons today.

In Ochil & South Perthshire we have had a number of companies take up these schemes, with fantastic results, helping local people into work and allowing them to focus on the things they can do, not what they can’t.

I have been a long-standing supporter of the UK Government’s ‘Disability Confident’ and ‘Access to Work’ programmes, and I am pleased to see the goals of those programmes coming to fruition and being recognised in the right way.”