Luke Graham MP slams SNP cuts to schools in Clacks

Local Conservative and Unionist MP, Luke Graham, has criticised the SNP-led Clackmannanshire Council administration for further proposed cuts to the education budget. The proposed cuts would see a further two primary schools being closed, affecting around 150 students. If the closures go ahead the schools will be shut as soon as August 2020.

The schools in question Coalsnaughton and Fishcross primary schools. The Council has now led a consultation which can be accessed here:

Mr Graham, who has lobbied for additional funding to come to Scotland since being elected in June 2017, and has successfully led the Scottish Conservatives budget campaigns securing the £35m extra / year for Police & Fire Scotland as well as increases to the block grant, has criticised the move as cuts from SNP administrations at Holyrood and Kilncraigs begin to bite on the ground in Clackmannanshire.

Commenting, Luke Graham MP said:

“In the last two UK Budget’s since I was elected in 2017 my Scottish Conservative colleagues and I have lobbied successfully to see Scotland’s budget increase, which has gone up by more than £949m since 2009/10 (source: SPICe).

Despite these increases from Westminster we continually see the SNP administration in Edinburgh And at Kilncraigs slashing away at education. In spite of Nicola Sturgeon claiming education is her ‘Number One priority’. This is clearly not the case, with Scottish education now falling behind Northern Ireland & England in terms of performance, and the SNP so embarrassed that they have removed us from international league tables.

In Clackmannanshire we have some fantastic teachers and students bursting with potential, but the SNP’s cuts are starting to bite in the county. The cuts are here, real and closing our schools.”