Luke Graham MP vows to fight against the community budget cuts in Clacks

Luke Graham MP visited the Alloa Leisure Bowl to meet with staff and the community to find out their views on the proposed cut to the service as part of Clackmannanshire Council's proposed budget cuts.


The centre is an essential community hub in the town and is used not only by residents in Alloa, but by people from all around the central belt.  He spoke to a group of people from Streets Ahead in Stirling who were in to participate in the Aqua-aerobics session.  Each of them told how much they value the centre and all the facilities it provides. 


Another group of ladies told Mr Graham about how they will spend the morning at the leisure centre attending classes, the pool and relaxing afterwards with friends for lunch.


Users and management made clear the wide-range of services the centre provides and the informal support structure it supplies to many vulnerable people in the county. 


Mr Graham later met with staff representatives in his Alloa office to discuss how he could support their petition and push the Council to maintain funding to the site.


Commenting, Mr Graham said:


It is clear that the local community value the centre and a range of ages use the facilities, it is also encouraging to hear that people from the wider area travel to Alloa to use the Alloa Leisure Bowl.


“Health and fitness is encouraged in every walk of life now; doctors prescribe it to their patients to aid illness recovery, teachers are encouraging students to participate in regular exercise, and the government at both Westminster and Holyrood have spent many hours talking about the benefits of regular exercise to maintain health and tackle loneliness.


It makes no sense to me, or anyone I spoke to today, to close the centre.  I will work with the local council and other groups from all over the County to stop this proposal from becoming a reality in the budget.”