Luke Graham MP welcomes EU Visa announcements

Local MP, Luke Graham, has welcomed a UK government announcement on EU Visa requirements. Speaking during a prime ministerial statement in the House of Commons Theresa May announced the launch of a new scheme which will ensure EU nationals can remain living in the UK after the UK leaves the EU.

The UK government has previously confirmed that EU citizens currently living in the UK will be able to stay and continue to access in country benefits and services on broadly the same terms as they currently enjoy under both a deal and a no deal Brexit.

The announcement laid out plans for a pilot scheme confirming the status of EU Nationals being allowed to stay in the UK, with the next phase of testing of the scheme being launched today.

The UK Government has announced that when the scheme is launched in full after Brexit, on the 30th March, the £65 application fee will be waived, ensuring there is no financial barrier for any EU nationals who wish to stay. Furthermore, anyone who has, or will apply, during the current pilot stage will have their fee reimbursed.

Speaking after the announcement, Luke Graham MP commented:

“I welcome this announcement from the Prime Minister. It builds upon the UK Government’s previous commitments to protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and ensure that there are no financial barriers for any EU citizen who wishes to stay.

This helps provided further security and protection for businesses, families and individuals who contribute so much to our society, economy and communities.

If anyone has any further queries on what this means for them, I would urge them to contact my office where we will be able to assist you”.