Luke Graham sets sights on lowering Youth Unemployment

With summer recess starting on Thursday, Luke Graham, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, has set his sights to tackle youth unemployment over the course of the coming parliament.

Questioning the Treasury on youth unemployment, Luke was delighted to hear that youth unemployment was at a record low across the U.K., but urged the minister to do more, with particular reference to the higher than average unemployment rate in Ochil and South Perthshire.

"While I welcome the record unemployment figures, youth unemployment is still higher in Ochil & South Perthshire, and in Scotland, than the UK average.

Will the minister work with me and others across the House of Commons, to encourage more investment in my constituency and in Scotland as a whole."

Luke Graham also used a debate on the future of the Armed forces to highlight the opportunities for employment in the Armed Forces. Luke was keen to highlight the route offered by the cadets to help address youth unemployment.

I believe it is important that we recognise the contribution of our cadet training forces across the UK, such as Squadron 383 (Alloa) of the Air Training Corp in Ochil & South Perthshire. [Cadet forces] invest in youth, which will help...our forces in the future.

With former air cadets making up nearly half of RAF officer intake and around 30% of airmen and airwomen, we need to maximise the route to service through cadet forces. Furthermore, cadet forces teach team-building, leadership and help build self-confidence allowing individuals to develop skills whether they enter the armed forces or not.'