MP Pushes Scotland Office to Deliver on Stirling & Clacks City Deal

Luke Graham, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, pushed the Secretary of State for Scotland to break the deadlock with the SNP administration in Edinburgh and deliver on the City Deal for Clackmannanshire.

During questions to the Scotland Office, Luke Graham asked David Mundell to meet with the devolved administration at Holyrood, encouraging him to break the deadlock which currently exists around the Clackmannanshire City Deal by committing to the money from Westminster for projects in the Wee County.

Responding to the question, Secretary of State David Mundell, replied:

“I’m hoping to meet with the Scottish government soon to discuss the Clackmannanshire City Deal, in the hope that the UK government can go forward with them and local partners in a very collaborative way”

Discussions between the UK government and the devolved administration at Holyrood have slowed recently, with neither side committing to specific projects to fund. However, Mr Graham used the opportunity to push the UK government to make the required breakthrough.

Speaking after the exchange, Luke Graham commented:

“I’ve been disappointed by the lack of breakthrough on the Clackmannanshire City Deal, I met with the Secretary of State earlier today to discuss the detail of the deal and made the point clearly that we need to progress.

As the government of this country, I want to see the UK government showing that lead and investing in Clackmannanshire so that it can fulfil it’s potential.”