MP secures ticket machine for Gleneagles Station

Scotrail have announced that they will be installing a ticket vending machine at the Gleneagles Train Station, following intensive lobbying on the issue by Luke Graham MP. The machine is expected to be installed by the end of September.

Mr Graham raised a petition back in May, following constituent complaints. Mr Graham led a petition online and in nearby Auchterarder to garner support for his campaign. Since then he has been in regular contact with Scotrail representatives to push for the installation of the ticket machine.

The ticket machine will mean that local residents no longer have to travel to Perth, Stirling or Dunblane to pick up their tickets. Even more important, it means that students and other vulnerable groups who struggle to travel will be able to book in advance, picking up their tickets at a local station and thereby benefitting from discounts that are unavailable when buying on the train.

Commenting on the news, Luke Graham MP said:

ā€œIā€™m delighted to hear about the installation of a new ticket vending machine at Gleneagles train station. This will make a real difference to the area.

Currently, constituents are having to go to Perth or Stirling to pick up tickets to travel from Gleneagles. This machine will be a big help for young people (and their parents) who currently have to travel elsewhere to qualify for valuable discounts. It is a small change, but hopefully will make tourism and work easier for local residents.ā€