MP vows to seek ‘best possible outcome for constituency’ after Brexit deal defeat

Luke Graham MP has vowed to keep fighting for the best possible outcome for Ochil and South Perthshire, following the defeat of the Prime Minister’s deal with the European Union.

The deal was voted down by the House of Commons on Tuesday, despite the Prime Minister securing a legally binding change to the Northern Ireland backstop on Monday evening.

Luke Graham MP previously supported the deal when it first came before the House, arguing that the deal provided a way forward in which the referendum result is respected, while keeping as close as possible economic relationship to protect our prosperity.

Mr Graham again supported the deal, but with it now being defeated, he will seek alternative solutions which he states will “represent the best possible outcome for Ochil and South Perthshire”.

With the deal now defeated, the House of Commons will now vote on whether to leave under ‘No Deal’ circumstances. Should that also be defeated Parliament will then vote on whether to extend Article 50.

In a statement released following the vote, Mr Graham stated:

"It is incredibly disappointing that the deal did not get through tonight, especially since the Prime Minister secured legal and binding improvements.

Many MPs are playing hard politics, putting party interests first - I will continue to follow the course I promised at the election - to leave the EU, but try and secure the best possible deal."