Ochil & South Perthshire MP Publishes his Voting Record in Indicative Votes

Luke Graham MP has published his voting record in the series of indicative votes on Brexit. The indicative votes were designed to break the Brexit deadlock by indicating to the government parliament’s Brexit preferences.  It is important to note that in any circumstance we need a withdrawal agreement to leave the EU, most of the propositions put forward tonight were about the future relationship, which is the next phase of negotiations.

There were eight options presented to the House. These options were as follows, with Luke Graham MP’s vote indicated:

  • No Deal – Voted against – I have always said we should leave with a deal.
  • Common Market 2.0  - Voted against – Effectively in EU with little influence
  • EFTA and EEA – Voted in favour – UK was a founding member of EFTA, which is an off-the-shelf trade deal
  • Customs Union - Voted Against – Manifesto stated we would be out of Single Market & Customs Union
  • Labours Alternative Plan – Voted against – Ties UK to follow EU regulations without say, rest already in PM’s deal
  • Revocation to avoid No Deal – Voted against – I respect the result of the referendum.
  • Confirmatory Public Vote – Voted against – Again, I respect the result of the referendum and believe constituents want me to make a decision so we can move forward.
  • Contingent Preferential Arrangement - Abstain – common sense measures, but I am voting for a deal.

Commenting, Mr Graham laid out his reasons for his votes:

“I, of course, voted against a ‘No Deal’ Brexit and motions which failed to respect the result of the UK-wide referendum. I stood on a manifesto that promised to respect the referendum and have stated publicly and in the House of Commons that I want us to leave with a deal, and have acted accordingly.

I therefore voted in favour of a series of options which would allow us to leave the EU as directed by the referendum, but ensures we still have the closest possible economic relationship with the European Union.

Just as importantly, this would also allow us to move on the discussion to the next stages of Brexit. We have lingered too long on the issue of the Withdrawal Agreement, and we need to provide businesses and communities throughout the UK with certainty on how we are moving forward, and I have voted to facilitate exactly that.”