Ochil & South Perthshire MP Publishes his Voting Record in Indicative Votes

Luke Graham MP has again shared his voting record in the latest round of indicative votes on Brexit. The indicative votes are designed to break the Brexit deadlock by indicating to the government parliament’s Brexit preferences. It is important to note that in any circumstance we need a withdrawal agreement to leave the EU, most of the propositions put forward tonight were about the future relationship, which is the next phase of negotiations.


There were four options presented to the House this time, with no EFTA option, which Mr Graham voted for last week. These options were as follows, with Luke Graham MP’s vote indicated:

Common Market 2.0 - Voted Against - Effectively in EU with little influence

A Customs Union – Voted For – after cross-party talks, I wanted to indicate that this is an area where I would compromise as it would help address the Northern Irish border and provide certainty for our farmers and manufacturers

Confirmatory Public Vote – Voted Against – I respect the result of the referendum.

Parliamentary supremacy – Voted Against – Again, I respect the result of the referendum and Parliament needs to start voted for measures, not just against them.


Commenting, Luke Graham laid out his reasons for his votes:

“While it has its merits, I voted against the Common Market 2.0 as it risks the UK being subject to a great many EU rules without a firm place at the table.

I also voted against the confirmatory public vote, as I believe it would be an abdication of my responsibility as an MP to find a solution to this issue. I also voted against parliamentary supremacy as it sets a poor precedent for our democracy and could well see us fail to respect the result of a democratic referendum.

The change from last week is that I did vote for “a” customs union to indicate that if we must compromise then this is the least worst option as it allows us to maintain our existing 82 trade deals, while addressing some of the key concerns of farmers and businesses in our constituency.

However, when you go through the detail and stand options side-by-side, what is clear is that I still believe the Prime Minister’s deal offers us the best possible outcome over Brexit.”