Scottish Conservative voting record show they’re ‘Stronger for Scotland’

With the summer recess around the corner, Scottish MPs voting record has come under scrutiny, with Scottish Conservatives the only party to have an average attendance rate higher than 90%. The SNP have come under fire for their poor turnout, making a mockery of their claims to be “Stronger for Scotland”.

SNP MPs occupy all but three of the bottom 38 Scottish MPs for performance, although Lib Dem’s Jo Swinson has been off on maternity leave. Locally, the two Perthshire MPs cut contrasting records, with Ochil & South Perthshire’s Luke Graham boasting the third highest turnout, while the SNP’s Pete Wishart in the bottom third.

According to figures provided by the website, ‘The Work For You’, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist MPs, on average, had a voting turnout of 92.1%. by contrast Scottish Labour MPs had an 85.3% turnout, Lib Dems 74% while SNP are bottom with 73.8% turnout.

Commenting, Luke Graham MP said:

“The SNP have time to storm out of the chamber in a huff when the cameras are on for Prime Ministers Question, but they don’t actually bother to turn up for actual votes.

Westminster is Scotland’s parliament too, so it makes a mockery of their claim to be ‘Stronger for Scotland’ when they are so uninterested in votes that take place in Scotland’s parliament.

This is nothing new with my predecessor only turning up for 64% of votes, showing how little they care about representing their constituents.

If they continue to show such disdain for representing their constituent’s concerns then I am sure the voters will choose someone else who will be interesting in representing them”.