Luke Graham MP Brexit Statement

This afternoon Luke Graham MP released a statement setting out for constituents why he is intending to vote for the Prime Minister’s deal.

Luke Graham MP slams SNP cuts to schools in Clacks

Local Conservative and Unionist MP, Luke Graham, has criticised the SNP-led Clackmannanshire Council administration for further proposed cuts to the education budget. The proposed cuts would see a further two primary schools being closed, affecting around 150 students.

Luke Graham MP holds RBS to Comrie ATM Promise

This weekend local residents and business owners were left frustrated and disappointed as the Comrie RBS ATM was offline. This lack of service follows the recent closure of the bank branch in Comrie that was bitterly oppose by Mr Graham, Liz Smith MSP and local residents.


Luke Graham MP holds Brexit Meetings in Ochil and South Perthshire

Local MP Luke Graham held Brexit meetings in Dollar, in Clackmannanshire, and in Auchterarder to meet with constituents, to discuss and update on Brexit developments, and to answer questions on the progress of Brexit and the Withdrawal Agreement.